Diesel/gas engine generator division

We are experts in the design and build even for customised specifications, including complete turnkey installations. Capable of satisfying the power needs of any market.

Our range of generating sets covers from approximately 4kVA through 2,200kVA, in both 50Hz and 60Hz. Among the engines we use are: Cummins, Perkins, Volvo Penta and Caterpillar.

We uses a range of alternators, including Marathon Electric, Newage, Marathon, Kato, Leroy Somer and Mecc Alte.

Diesel Fuelled
Ranging from 5.5 kVA to over 2,200 kVA, We provides comprehensive ranges of diesel fuelled generator sets

Gas Fuelled
Includes both LPG and Natural Gas fuelled generators, from 10 kVA to 2,000 kVA. Compact with an excellent range of standard features.

Industrial Range
Industrial standard range of sets, through to approximately 500kVA have folded steel base plates, which have a base fuel tank included.
For the smaller sets the capacity is 100ltr, and the larger sets have 500ltr tanks.

Marine Range
All the sets are water cooled, designed to withstand the rigours of marine auxiliary generating sets.

Many of these sets are built to Classification Agency requirements. The alternators are built to marine requirements and tested where required by Classification Agencies. Class H insulation materials are used throughout and anti-condensation heaters are fitted as standard.

Where possible we uses single bearing alternators, for direct coupling to the engine, thereby eliminating the requirement of a flexible coupling, which leads to increased reliability of the machine.

Heat exchanger cooling, keel cooling, and in some instances radiator cooling are used, all of which use marine approved materials.

A wide range of optional equipment is offered with the marine sets.

Acoustic Enclosures
Our acoustic enclosures are built to withstand extreme weather conditions.
The acoustic enclosure is manufactured with a steel outer skin, and is lined with fire proof, acoustic material.

Attenuators are placed on the hot air outlet and cooling air inlet and exhaust silencers of the residential type are mounted either on top of, or inside the enclosure, exhausting to atmosphere.

All our enclosures incorporate the following quality features -

* Robust and highly corrosion resistant construction
* Fully weatherproof
* Excellent access for maintenance

Skid Base
Heavy duty rolled steel construction or equivalent and is designed to support the acoustic enclosure, diesel engine, generator and other auxiliaries. The diesel fuel tank can be part of the skid base and capable of supplying a minimum 8 hours of full load operation. The skid base is provided with four lifting points and designed to withstand the loading during lifting and transportation. The skid base can be drilled for foundation bolts.

Control Panel
Engine control panel contains the indicators for the engine jacket water temperature, lubrication oil temperature and hour run meter.
The generator control panel is manufactured from coated steel with IP as per application requirement. It shall contain the necessary metering and monitoring relays for operation of the diesel engine generator.