Ralph Michael

Executive Chairman


Doctorate of Economic (Phd. Ecs)

School of International Management and Business Administration. Bulgaria & Sydney University


The visionary and founding director of the Quantum Group, Dr. Michael has extensive experience in finance, banking and business management. He established the Quantum Group over 17 years ago and has been instrumental in successfully establishing the group as global leaders in the diverse fields of banking institution, finance, technological research and worldwide large infrastructure development and engineering projects. During this period he has successfully established a powerful business network, encompassing most of the world's prime banks, which now enables Quantum to provide quite unique banking facilities and services.


Mr. Michael has conducted numerous seminars for banking institution on trading bank instruments, gearing processes and high-yield investment returns, emanating from trading in bank instruments. Under his leadership, Quantum was one of the first corporations in the world to develop, introduce, and implement gearing of funds. He has also developed close associations with most of the world's prime banks in the area of issuance of Bank Guarantees and Letters of Credit.


In addition he has traveled extensively to lecture and provide his expertise and advice to various Governments and Governmental Institution on financial and economic issues.



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