Quantum Securities & Guarantees Limited, a member of the Quantum Group, commenced operations in Singapore in 1988 and has grown under private ownership into a diverse, global corporate network.


The professional backgrounds of the directors encompassess specialisations in finance, management, taxation, economics, construction, information technology, space technology & telecommunications and commodities. Our extensive breadth of expertise and quality of personal service, is unique in the finance and banking industry.


Quantum consistently strives to be the market leader in it's field of operations, and in doing so, has developed unique baking financial products that can be utilised in a variety of investment opportunities. These products have been successfully applied for the business development of Quantum's own group members. The result is a documentary facility with negotiable terms and conditions to suit the client's' needs. Quantum's existing client base includes Governments and corporations involved in infrastructure developments, building projects and commodity trading exceeding more than $US300 million.


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