Spot Transactions

Spot deals refer to the 'immediate' exchange of currencies at the prevailing market rate as determined by the size of the transaction. Elixir Bank Sc. offers a competitive foreign exchange dealing service for all needs, from foreign currency notes through to the professional needs of the importer or exporter. Spot transactions can be conducted in over 30 countries. In the wholesale Foreign Exchange market, settlement occurs two business days after the transaction has been concluded. This is the technical meaning of the 'spot'. Generally however, settlements of Foreign Exchange transactions are settled on a 'Value Today' or 'Value Tom' basis.

About Global Currencies Dealer (GCD)

GCD is the simple secure way to effect your Foreign Exchange transactions or review deal details online.

GCD puts you in control. You can access market prices and arrange Foreign Exchange deals from your desktop, in your own time.

GCD enables you to transact your Foreign Exchange deals via the Internet on any business day.

From your desktop you can:

Enter new spot or forward FX trades.

View and sort existing trades previously entered via Global Dealer, or by your Elixir Bank Sc. Foreign Exchange dealer.

Extend or Pre-Deliver an existing trade using the historical rate method.

Elixir Bank Sc. can recommend a special linking to the FX Converter (Foreign Exchange Currency Converter to 164 Currencies)

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